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Next Level Adventure with Underwater Scooters

Do you find yourself gliding effortlessly among the bed of bright corals on the deep blue? You imagine discovering the hidden treasures of every island. Suddenly you wake up from your daydream as you realize that you don’t have any diving experience.

underwater scooters 2

That’s where our underwater scooters come in. Here at Fun & Sun, we provide the exciting adventure of the scuba diving experience without you having to worry about the hassle of scuba diving requirements or having the right gear.

underwater scooters3No certification? No attached gear? Riding a scooter beneath the sea? What do you mean?! Although you may think that these sound too good to be true, there are more to these perks. Underwater scooters give you the freedom to explore the sea as if you were exploring a city on your motorbike. You get to go underwater and experience less fatigue and half the air of a typical scuba dive.

You get to sit in your own breathing environment and travel up to 2 km per hour. Gliding among the different shallow reefs is similar to the sensitivity of your typical motorbike.

You turn your handlebars for your desired direction and control the speed and depth of your trip as you push the batons.

Who would’ve thought that there was another and certainly easier way to explore the beauty of the marine life? Here at Fun Sun Dive and Travel, we’ll turn your underwater experience into a fun and exciting one. Contact us today for booking and reservations at:  Phone: +63 923 6020 566 and Telephone: 343-3410.


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4 responses to “Next Level Adventure with Underwater Scooters”

  1. Kim Manubag says:

    What is your rate for the underwater scooters? And for how long is one session? A reply would be highly appreciated. Thank you

  2. Eva Cane says:

    Hi, Pila man charge sa inyong underwater scooter. unya asa man ni sya dapita sa Cebu?

  3. Dave Watson says:

    Do you ever answer questions on here? I hope your customer service is better than this for divers.

    HOW MUCH for the underwater scooters?

    • Nil Admin says:

      Hi Dave,

      Sorry for the late response. Been underwater too much. Underwater scooter is being offered in an Island hopping tour at php 2,950.00 per person. Dianne at dianne@funsundivetravel.com is the person in charge for the underwater scooter and she will email you now

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