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Cebu Diving – Diving in Mactan

Probably one of the best kept secret diving destinations. Come dive in Mactan, Cebu, with Fun & Sun! Fly to the Queen City of the Visayas, Cebu City, and land at Mactan International Airport, the gateway to the wonders of Visayas!

Fun & Sun Mactan Dive Center is located in Marigondon (Marigondon Beach Road) and its drive way is just opposite the entrance of Plantation Bay Resort.  It is a short 20 minutes drive from the airport and with the Dive Center own accommodation, we can accommodate up to 14 stay-in divers, who will enjoy the perfect location.

Our team will be delighted to welcome you on board one of our comfortable banca boats for an exciting day of diving. With more than 15 dive sites within 15-45 minutes from our dive center, there are may things for you to discover.

With the creation of Marine Protected Sanctuaries, we have noticed a promising development of the marine life during the past 5 years and while pelagic fish are still not frequently seen around, the dive sites have amazing sea creatures, which will delight any diver including macro enthusiasts.

Schools of Jacks, Batfish and Chevron Barracuda will be present among superb coral gardens where you will also find some spectacular critters such as Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish, Frog fish, Nudibranches, Shrimp and much more.

We organize day trips with 2 or 3 dives and our local dive guides will be pleased to show you their latest finds. And, do not miss our now famous Fun & Sun BBQ, which is cooked and served on board. Simply perfect during a diving adventure.


Visit us at Fun & Sun Mactan and enjoy a true fantastic
dive holiday with us. Below are brief descriptions of
some of our dive sites:

Fun & Sun House Reef

This site is composed of a gentle slope with some boulders and corals formations followed by a small drop off. Juvenile Puffer fish and Porcupine fish like this quiet spot. Seahorses, Blue Ribbon Eels, Pegasus and Mantis Shrimp have been spotted there as well. At night, several kinds of Crabs and shrimp come up. Ideal for divers who like to search for crawling critters.

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West Punta

A dive recommended for macro lovers as the visibility there is limited. Frog fish, Octopus, Stone fish, Scorpion fish, Flounder, Ghost Pipefish and several kinds of Nudibranches can be spotted there. Good for macro photography and it is a different dive ambiance with an usually greenish visibility.

Talima Marine Sanctuary

Approximately 10 minutes boat ride from Fun & Sun Dive Shop. It is a fish sanctuary with a small wreck attracting countless fish and where some cool shrimp can be found. Parrot fish, Rabbit fish, Butterfly fish, Trigger fish and Sweetlips are always spotted as well as big Groupers. The wall is particularly interesting.

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Nalusuan Marine Sanctuary

A nice 30-40 minutes boat ride will bring you to Nalusuan, one of the largest fish sanctuaries in the vicinity of Mactan Island. This dive site has an abundant coral reef formation and a gentle slope where Groupers, Blue Spotted Stingrays, Surgeon fish, Lionfish, Snapper and Parrot fish cruise around. Big Jacks are also patrolling the reef. Occasionally Turtles are seen there as well. The soft coral on the shallow area is outstanding.

Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary

Located 30 minutes away by boat, Hiluntungan Island is also a favorite spot for the snorkeling community. Barracudas, Jacks, Groupers, Bat fish, Lionfish and most of the tropical fish can be found there. Occasionally, Eagle Rays are being spotted.

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Shangri La Marine Sanctuary

Just 5 minutes away from Fun & Sun jetty, schools of Damsel fish, Wrasses, Anthias , Butterfly fish and Pipefish, can be found including other common tropical fish. Because of the resort fish feeding activity, fish often approach divers frequently.


Tambuli Site has a small plane wreck that divers enjoy going to (18-22 meters). The current makes you drift along a slope where you will see schools of Damsel fish, Sergeant Major fish, Catfish and Butterfly fish among others.

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Kon Tiki

A night dive favorite as its wall is abundant with marine life. The amount of Crabs, Shrimps, Octopus, and many more critters will surprise you. During the day, the school of Sardines and Mackerel are common spectacles.

Agus Wall

Besides being abundant with tropical fish, the wall is host to different species of sponges, and other types of coral. Clown Fish and Anemone Fish are frequentky spotted here. You never know what may show up. It has been known to have manta rays and even whale shark cruising along the wall from time to time.

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Cebu Scuba Diving

Marigondon Cave

This site is recommended for experienced divers as the cave entrance is 30 meters deep. Flashlights are required after 5 meters into the cave. This cave is known for its Flashlight fish that glow when you turn your lamps off. Lion fish and often school of Big Mouth Mackerel usually loiter at the front of the cave entrance. At the cave exit located near Plantation Bay Resort, you will find a lush garden of corals.

Tingo Point

An early morning dive site located at the north tip of Olango Island, 15 minutes from Fun & Sun Dive shop. This was an alternative dive site to see thresher sharks if you couldn’t make it to Malapascua Island. Unfortunately these days, encounters are not very frequent. This is a deep dive (up to 40m) and ideally for experienced divers only. There is a plateau, 15 meters below the surface, which provides good opportunities for underwater macro photography to find some critters.

Cebu Scuba Diving

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