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Caohagan Island Hopping in Cebu

Caohagan Affordable Island Hopping in Cebu

Caohagan is one of the most popular destinations Caohagan Island Hopping in Cebu in the local island strip. With just an hour away from Mactan Island, Caohagan is a place bustling with relaxation and leisure.

Bordered by crystal-clear water, Caohagan is abundant with excellent snorkeling and diving spots. Enjoy the scenic view of the ocean. Take a quick underwater adventure and discover the colorful marine life. Quaint and euphoric, partake in the fresh catch and local produce. Take home quality products that boast of world-class craftsmanship.

An island filled with enjoyable activities for your family and friends. Here at Caohagan, you can never go wrong with the island’s peaceful atmosphere. Aside from the abundance of natural beauty, Caohagan Island is known for its hospitable locals. So be sure to commune and get to know more about their culture and livelihood.

Visit Caohagan and have a fun-filled adventure today!

We went Island hopping and Caohagan was our lunch stop. The Island is nothing but locals, huts, kids, dogs and chickens. They have set up a picnic place where they sell souvenirs but also the local seafood they have caught that day. We chose a Grouper which they cooked on the grill and brought to our table. The weather, the view, and the fish went perfect with the chicken and rice we brought with us. It was a place we didn’t want to leave.We rented a banka on August 2. 2015 and visited 3 Islands and it was just a shock to see how the prices have increased in the last few years, thanks the Korean tourists. The entrance fee to Caohagan is more than Php 200.00 and locals, will not spend this money, just to see the island on top of that they offer very expensive seafood as well as you have to pay for the cottage. This shows again, why many Europeans, Australian and Americans are no longer coming to the Philippines because over here all is very expensive and there is no proper touristic infrastructure. In Thailand, place like Koh Samui, Phuket etc. the prices are 1/3 of what a Hotel or what ever cost over here in Cebu and there is a proper infrastructure for tourist.

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