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The Sardine Ball of Mactan

The Sardine Ball of Mactan

While diving with Fun & Sun in Mactan, we have experienced the stunning show of the sardine ball of mactan cebu being chased by hungry barracudas.

During the last visit of our good friend Danny Ong and his dive buddies, we ended our dive itinerary by checking out Kontiki dive site (after having enjoyed our most famous local dish, the Cebu Lechon on board….)

The walls and slopes of Kontiki make that place one of Fun & Sun favorite night dive sites, but during the day, the main attraction is the sardine ball. Imagine a cloud of several hundred thousand fish continuously changing shape and direction. On a sunny day, the reflection of the light brings a new dimension to it when shadow and brightness trick the hunters, because this sardine ball brings some serious hunters … Good that after two rather choppy and cloudy days, we got the most expected sun…

Sardine Ball in Kontiki, Mactanthe sardine ball of mactanthe sardine ball of mactan

On that particular day, it was mainly about barracudas, although some passing jacks disturbed the ball as well. With some patience and a slow approach, divers can remain still under the sardine ball and watch the fierce attacks of these torpedoes shaped predators. Their speed, when chasing their preys, is phenomenal, and far from the stealth approach they usually adopt when we get the surprise visit of a swimming barracuda right beside us.

the sardine ball of mactan


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