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Mandarin Fish in Malapascua Island

Sunset Dive with the mandarin fish of Malapascua Island

Shortly before the sun disappears behind the land of Panay, the time comes to show off your perfect buoyancy at the Lighthouse dive site, off Malapascua Island

It is there that every day, the team of Fun & Sun Malapascua introduces the superb mandarin fish to its guests. Their common name comes from the colorful pattern, which has some similarities with the robes of the imperial Chinese Mandarins and there are really amazingly colorful.

It barely takes 5-7 minutes by boat from Fun & Sun Dive Center on Bounty Beach to reach the dive site and get ready to plunge into some warm waters (this dive site averages a depth of 6-12 meters).

During a 20-30 minutes window, you will have the chance to see mating mandarin fish, which is truly like experiencing a “National Geographic moment”.  Watch out for the fighting dance of the male mandarin fish courting the females as well.

When the darkness has settled down, we usually move away from the mandarin fish habitats, following Fun & Sun Dive Masters, who will then search for seahorses, bobtail squids, octopus and other nocturnal marine life until it is time to surface and get ready for dinner. Just a perfect way to end a diving day.








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