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Diving with Our Fun & Sun Singaporean Friends

We had a wonderful weekend last May 2-4. We made new Fun & Sun friends from Singapore. So here’s the scoop on what went down on our fun-filled weekend.

May 2

We started our weekend with two popular diving sites. Our first dive was at Teru Kazi Maru. Surprisingly, it was a slow and relaxing dive. Not bad for a beginner huh! This was the start of our beautiful friendship with our Singaporean friends. We then headed on to the Morizan Maru. Snorkeling along the cabbage patch corals growing among the fallen debris made the wreck look super cool. It was already no secret why this site was popular among those who wanted an underwater adventure. Seeing the colorful marine life grow among the sunken ship was really a sight to see.

Sadly, I lost my camera that day. Oh well. Say cheese, Nemo!

May 3

The second day of our adventure had three dive sites in store for us. We started with Olympia Maru- a good start if you want to learn wreck diving. We were among few flat head crocodile fish and some Jacks. As we went along that day, we also learned more about more wrecks that sunk during WW2.

Our next stop was the Lusong Gunboat. Although relatively small, the beautiful corals growing on the side made it a sight you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s definitely one of those places where you’d want to snap a few pictures of different coral species. We then moved around the corner for a slow drift dive on the Coral Garden. Again, a beautiful sight filled with enchanting corals but what made the place even more beautiful was the numerous sea turtles swimming around. This stop was a good way to cap off our exciting day.

May 4

Our last day of our wonderful weekend had Barracuda Lake first in mind. It was the weirdest dive ever! The normal temperature at the surface was at 29C and at noon it rises up to 38C to 40C. Definitely warmer than our showers at Coron! Unfortunately, illusive Barracudas evade our presence. After all, only a few are lucky enough to see it.

Our next stop was the underwater forest growing on top of the Kogyo Maru. We were greeted by a school of yellowtail barracudas. And did you know? This wreck actually still has a bulldozer inside. How cool is that?!

The last dive of the day was at an even more remote location. The Atan Reef one of the wreck diver’s best kept-secrets. We had the coral rock all to ourselves and watched some golden trevally hunting yellowtail barracudas right in front of us. Pretty fierce and exciting for our last dive of the weekend!

We headed back to town and made a reservation at SInugba for a hefty sum of 14 people. What’s a diving adventure without capping it with sumptuous seafood? We filled our bellies and drank some calamansi basil slush. I know, I know. Sounds like a weird combination but it’s so refreshing!

By then it was already time to say goodbye to the wonderful group from Singapore. We were left with fond memories and always asked to take more pictures. We’d be like “1 more, 1 more!” because we can never take enough pictures.

Our amazing weekend was filled with adventure, great people, and of course, good weather. This trip is proof that it’s always more fun with Fun & Sun!


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